Company Overview

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, ClipsShop is a leading global brand for grommets, eyelets, and grommet- and eyelet-attaching machines. With a proud history that spans most of the century, ClipsShop continues to be respected as an innovative designer, manufacturer and exporter.
We are proud to serve major regions of the world – particularly Europe, America and Oceania – through our distributors. ClipsShop currently boasts tens of thousands of grommet machines that continue to serve our worldwide users in various industries, including sign and digital printing, draperies, aerospace, maritime industries, textiles, and more. 

ClipsShop maintains its leading position in the market by achieving extremely short lead times, thanks to its vast supply of off-the-shelf products. We are proud of our advanced supply chain management system, which allows us to make fast shipments. In last 5 years, our shipment lead time has been an average of less than 5 days.
Thanks to our strict quality assurance system, we take pride in having a reputation for consistent product and service quality that does not compromise our competitive pricing strategy. As a result of our decades-long and never-ending efforts to supply “problem-free” products, we are proud to carry a brand name that has become a symbol of reliability in our industry. 

ClipsShop gives utmost importance to Research & Development (R&D). We continue to focus and work on developing new products on a daily basis to contribute to rising industry standards, as well as on producing innovations that increase efficiency for our customers.

While our engineers work on developing smart grommet-attaching machines and use the latest technology to enable ClipsShop products to be the best available, our molding department also works on producing new styles or sizes of grommets and eyelets in keeping with customer & market requirements.

It is a well-known fact that achieving impeccable results requires not only qualified grommets and machines, but also that the grommet and machine match each other perfectly. In this respect, ClipsShop is a total solution provider for grommet/eyelet attaching in view of its proficiency developing both the machines and the grommets/eyelets to work in flawless harmony.

ClipsShop’s R&D scope goes well beyond the production of metal grommet and grommet-attaching machines. We also work closely with globally recognized technical institutions to develop inventions for the industries we serve, as a direct result of which ClipsShop proudly lays claim to a number of patent-pending products.  

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