Customer demands and competition in the market have convinced us that modernizing the manufacturing facility and using the latest technology has become inevitable for us. Our purpose has always been to provide you the best. To find the best solution, we have used your requests as a guide. In this concept, we brought a lot of innovation to life. 

Currently, we manufacture not only grommets, machines, and dies but also our unique products, such as EyeleD, GrommetSniper, and special eyelets. All these items are exclusively designed, developed, and manufactured by us for you, our valuable partners and prospects.

We have engineering and production tool-making departments which is one of our advantages to develop not only innovative technology machines, but also custom grommets. In our machine line, we have eccentric press, lathe, upright drill, milling cutter, etc., and most importantly, we are proud to have people who can make art with this machinery. 

Our team handles each step of the process neatly. All the manufacturing is supervised by our technicians so you are guaranteed 100% of any order. We implement total quality management. We improve our quality control procedures, as we test and optimize the processes. Manufacturing CE Certificated machinery, we give the utmost importance to safety standards of our products. All these efforts ensure our products reach you in their best condition.

We have a team who has worked together for many years; each one of them is happily contributing to our company. This is one of the main facts which sets up apart from other manufacturers. As you will accept that to love your job and to become a family is a key to success. This is one of the secrets of our success. 

ClipsShop’s professionals know very well that it not only matters to develop and manufacture, but it also matters to maintain, continuously high-quality standards. So, in the past years our distributors have become more than a client, we have worked continuously ever since and now, they are all our partners. 

“Our products are innovative, we create trends and we are being followed in the markets. So, from our foundation, we are proudly keeping our place as the market leader in the grommet and grommet-attaching machines sector.”

We combine technology, experience, and knowledge with team spirit.

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