Human Resources Policy

ClipsShop was built on the philosophy that people do business with people they like. That goes for our coworkers, too. We work hard. We take risks. We succeed together.

ClipsShop is a grommet and attaching machine supplier with a passion to win. We believe in being the best, in constantly striving to push beyond the limits and in making our employees into leaders. We are driven to anticipate our customers' needs, and to exceed their expectations. We tap into a rich heritage of engineering excellence and thrive on an entrepreneurial spirit.
The foundation of respect, integrity, courtesy and service that the ClipsShop family is built on makes our home a very comfortable place to work.

We retain employees by providing them with fulfilling jobs, while encouraging them to increase their education and skills.

To become part of the guiding force behind the fastest growing grommet and attaching machine provider, take a look at the opportunities we currently have available. If you're a high-energy person who's passionate about improving professional skills, there's a place for you at ClipsShop.

ClipsShop is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

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