Curtain Eyelets

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ClipsShop offers a large variety of curtain eyelets & adapted washer types. They are made of high-quality brass and exhibit superior corrosion resistance.
ClipsShop curtain eyelets have a solid reputation and are regarded as one of the highest quality lines in the market. Even for most assertive fashion designs or for heavy-duty applications, we suggest you use ClipsShop curtain eyelets to make your products distinguished, attractive and durable.

Curtain eyelets are available in four sizes: they are 25mm, 28 mm, 40mm and 40 mm Easy Apply. The dimensions of the available sizes are listed in the table. Our range of curtain eyelets is available to you in over eight standard finishes, plus many custom color painted finishes.

Please note that our grommets are finished using a variety of natural processes. Each grommet color and texture will be unique. This chart is a close representation of each finishing, but the actual grommets can and will vary slightly from what is shown.

The selection between #12 and #12 Easy Apply (40 mm) eyelets depends on the application type. #12 eyelets provide solid eyelet attachment and are suitable for heavy duty jobs such as tarpaulins, tarps or heavy curtains.

#12 Easy Apply Eyelets, on the other hand, are made of a slightly thinner material. Due to their shorter necks, after they have been set in the fabric they are not as thick as regular #12 eyelets. #12 Easy Apply Eyelets are suitable for regular use curtains, provide a more delicate look after attachment, and are more affordable than regular #12 grommets. Moreover, it needs lesser attachment force which in turn allows attachment with much a wider series of machines.
We make a complete collection of curtain eyelet-setting machines, ranging from hand tools to advanced pneumatic machines. We also offer gripping plastic washers for further reinforcement to be used with our eyelets and washers for special fabrics/projects.
Curtain Eyelets     
Size Hole Size Flange Diameter Overall Length Neck Length
  Inch Mm Inch Mm Inch Mm Inch Mm
#7.5 1 25 1.73 44 0.41 10.3 0.32 8.1
#8.5 1 1/8 28 1.89 48 0.39 9.8 0.32 8.2
#12 Easy Apply 1 1/2 40 2.46 62.6 0.35 9 0.29 7.3
#12 1 1/2 40 2.46 62.6 0.48 12.2 0.42 1

Washers(with teeth)
Size Inside Diameter Flange Diameter Thickness (with form)
  Inch Mm Inch Mm Inch Mm
#7.5 1.3 26.2 1.73 44 0.08 2.1
#8.5 1.18 30 1.89 48 0.07 1.7
#12 1.68 42.7 2.46 62.4 0.06 1.6

Hole Size after setting slightly varies depending on the thickness of applied material.

Actual dimensions may vary from the above figures in view of the production tolerances.

Thickness of washers may not represent the visible thickness of eyelet-&-washer combination at the rear side of the substrate after application. Depending on the thickness of the applied substrate and the application technique, the eyelet, in its bent form, may be thicker than the washer.

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