Grommets & Neck Washers

  • Neck Washer Eyelets 1000x700
ClipsShop has added grommet\eyelet & neck washer to its product portfolio. Unlike standard washers, neck-washers have a telescoping structure to allow barrel-to-barrel setting with grommets. While this application reinforces the hole with two complete parts, these products are specially designed to facilitate automatic feeding and setting of grommet and washers with full automatic machines.
ClipsShop grommets and neck washers are available in brass, nickel, antique brass and black oxide finishing. In addition to this large selection of finishes, many non-standard colored grommets can be manufactured upon request. 

ClipsShop grommets and neck-washers function together perfectly with our state-of-the-art automatic machine (coming soon). They also fit to many other automatic machines in the market. However, we recommend that you request samples if you are planning to use our grommets and neck washers with a different manufacturer’s machine.

ClipsShop grommets have a solid reputation and are regarded as one of the highest quality lines in the market. Even for most assertive fashion designs or for heavy-duty applications, we suggest you use ClipsShop grommets to make your products distinguished, attractive and durable.

Along with the unsurpassed quality, we offer very competitive prices for all of our grommets and neck washers line.

The most popular sizes of grommets with neck-washers are in our product portfolio, and further sizes are coming soon. The dimensions of the available sizes are listed in the table below.
Size Hole Size Flange Diameter Overall Length
Neck Length
  Inch Mm Inch Mm Inch Mm Inch Mm
#2 AU 3/8 9,4  0,75 19 0,24 6 0,21 5,4
#3 AU 7/16 11,6 0,96 24,5 0,24 6 0,20 5
Size Inside Diameter Flange Diameter Thickness (with form)
  Inch Mm Inch Mm Inch Mm
#2 AU 0,43 11 0,78 19,7 0,12 1
#3 AU 0,51 13 0,96 24,5 0,13 0,14

Hole size after setting slighly varies depending on the thickness of applied material.

Actual dimensions may vary from the above figures slightly in view of the production tolerances.

Thickness of washers may not represent the visible thickness of grommet-&-washer combination at the rear side of the substrate after application. Depending on the thickness of the applied substrate and the application technique, the grommet, in its bent form may be thicker than the washer.

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