Hand Tools for Curtain Eyelets

  • Attacher Hand Tool #12
  •  #8.5 Attacher Hand Tool
  •  #8.5 Piercer Hand Tool
  •  #7.5 Attacher Hand Tool
  •  #7.5 Piercer Hand Tool
  • #12 Piercer Hand Tool
ClipsShop Hand Tools for curtain eyelets consist of piercing and attaching hand tool sets. This manual set is designed to be used with a hide face mallet. It is good for piercing material and attaching curtain eyelets afterwards.

Not all hand tools are same and it is not easy to find such a highlyqualified hand tool for attaching curtain eyelets in today’s world. Though these tools are designed for low-volume eyelet application projects, ClipsShop Hand Tools are professionally designed and produced with advanced technology for decades of problem-free use.

ClipsShop Hand Tools are made of Stainless Steel to increase their resistance to oxidation. Their surface is specially treated for metal hardening for stronger durability against harsh hammer usage.

ClipsShop Hand Tools are designed in such a manner affording the use of minimum force with maximum comfort. In addition, thanks to its precision, the eyelet application quality of ClipsShop Hand Tools is far better than application quality of its ordinary competitors.

Our hand tools sets are available for #7.5, #8.5 #12 and #12 Easy Apply ClipsShop Curtain eyelets and are suitable to attach them onto various substrates, including tarpaulin, drapery and home textile.
  Precision made
  Specially surface treated
  Metal parts made of Stainless Steel
  Engineered design to reduce the force needed.
  Available for #7.5, #8.5 #12 and #12 Easy Apply ClipsShop Curtain eyelets 
  Solid, small and light weight
  Affordable price considering its aim, skill and quality
  Lasts for decades
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