Regular Die Sets for Curtain Eyelets

  • Regular Piercer Die Set- Regular Attacher Die Sets for Curtain Eyelets
  • Regular Piercer Die Sets- Regular Attacher Die Sets for #7.5 and #8.5 Curtain Eyelets
ClipsShop Die Sets for Curtain Eyelets consist of piercing and attaching die sets. These die sets are designed to be used with ClipsShop CSBUR-1 for piercing the material and attaching ClipsShop curtain eyelets afterwards.

Not only are all die sets not the same and they significantly affect both the quality of your eyelet application and the effort required in the application. ClipsShop die sets for curtain eyelets are professionally designed and produced with advanced technology  that affords the user unprecedented satisfaction when attaching curtain eyelets.

Our dies sets for curtain eyelets are made of Stainless Steel to increase their resistance to oxidation, while special surface treatment for metal hardening is applied to significantly increase their life span.

They are designed to minimize the force required during use for greater application comfort. This is a major advantage of our die sets, which will be especially felt when using the die sets with our CSBUR-1 Strong Hand Press. Reduced force during use also significantly increases the life span of the machinery

Perfectly engineered piercing die sets can make clear-cut holes in even the toughest multi-layer hardest fabrics or in the most sensitive of materials. The excellent precision of ClipsShop curtain eyelet-attaching die sets guarantee professional eyelet attachment quality. 

Our die sets for curtain eyelets are suitable for hole making and eyelet application on various substrates including tarpaulin, drapery and home textile.

The curtain eyelet-attaching and hole-making dies are available for all sizes of our curtain eyelets range. 
  Precision made
  Specially surface treated
  Made of Stainless Steel
  Engineered design to significantly reduce the force needed
  Available for all ClipsShop Curtain Eyelet range
  Long life span
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