EyeleD Pointer™

  • EyeleD Pointer on CSTEP-2 machine
  • EyeleD Pointer on CS-TIDY-41 machine
  • EyeleD Pointer on CS-TIDY-51
  • EyeleD Pointer Full set (CS-EDP-01 for CS-TIDY series machines)
  • EyeleD Pointer Full Set (CS-EDP-02 for CSTEP-2 machine)
ClipsShop’s EyeleD™ pointer will be your third eye and you will hit the nail on the head. 
Laser pointers are traditionally used on grommet machines to show the exact grommet attachment point on the substrate with a light dot to precisely determine the actual grommet installation point. 
Though they are useful accessories, there are some downsides to the traditional laser pointers. Laser radiation, as well as their risks to the eyes, is an ongoing debate. Aside from the health risk, toy-like laser pointers are not suitable for continuous usage (require frequent cooldown periods) and their compliance with the international Health and Safety regulations are questionable. Professionally-made laser pointers, on the other hand, are generally expensive gadgets which are designed to show targets from very long distances (several kilometers), where on grommet machines the needed range is less than 10–15 cm.

 In scope of these downsides of the laser pointers, ClipsShop engineers developed an LED light-based EyeleD Pointer to show the exact grommet attaching point like a laser pointer. Our professional and affordable EyeleD pointer complies with the Health and Safety regulations and does the job without carrying any health risks.  

The EyeleD Pointer can be used either by electricity or with 2 AA size 1.5 V batteries.  Hence, you can move your machine with the EyeleD Pointer mounted on it. It consumes very little energy and the EyeleD Pointer can be used with batteries for hundreds of hours.

The EyeleD Pointer is compatible with the CS-TIDY–series pneumatic machines and new generation CSTEP-2 machines with different mounting brackets. With a small body size of 29 × 68 mm, it does not create any obstacle in your working space. It is well protected against any outside impacts with its light but solid aluminum cover. 
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